a few words about us

Lil’ Britches Learning Center is a licensed childcare provider and adheres to all State of Tennessee guidelines and regulations.  The facility and operations are inspected thoroughly throughout the year by professionals, including the Fire Marshall, Licensure Counselors, and Environmentalists to ensure our facility is standardized.  These inspections are unannounced and occurs at any time.


We pride ourselves on going beyond what is necessary and not stopping at just what is required by the State.  Although it can be distracting to some, it ensures that you can feel secure having your child in our care.  We treat every child, every parent, every employee equally with respect. 


Lil’ Britches Learning Center adheres to an adult to child ratio that must be within regulations defined by the State of Tennessee.


our principles

Sherry Davison  

Lil' Britches Learning Center provides educational child care. But our commitment to kids doesn’t stop there. We are passionate about providing your children with the head start they need to be successful in the future.

  •  safe environment
  •  "play with a purpose"
  • develop skills for life
  • individual attention
  • whole child education
  • well rounded experiences
  • clean and healthy spaces
  •  dedicated highly trained staff

Our dedicated and highly trained staff focus on more than just reading, writing and arithmetic, they also create active learning experiences around character building, physical activity, and social and emotional development.

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